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As many already know, I now paint full time.

I have several projects underway, including joint happening with cohabitant Øivind Sand and a separate exhibition in 2020.

I have also opened up to take on an ordering assignment every now and then.

So if you / you have a wish for an original painting on the wall of the family's beloved dog, cat, bird, cow, boat, etc. - preferably in motion - send me an email with a photo of the desired motif. Then we can take a round of size and price before I possibly start.

I basically paint after photos, but must have the opportunity to put my personal touch on the photo.

Below are some examples of ordering assignments.

Else og sauene - referansefoto
Else og sauene - akrylmaleri
Hytte ved Mjøsa - referansefoto
Hytte ved Mjøsa - akrylmaleri
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